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Quotes I have had the pleasure to be associated with The Horizons Foods Family for the 12 years I have been working at Galley Bay. The product range at Horizons is the most diverse on the island, and the prices are consistently competitive, as a result, they are our number one product provider and there is no department in the hotel which does not benefit from this relationship. I can also boast that there are some products in their portfolio which were introduced to Antigua especially for me at Galley Bay, and are now stock items in many other hotels. This commitment to seeking out new products is a great resource when you are working on an island with limited vendor options, and allows me as a Chef to maintain a very broad, diverse product range for my guests, good communication is a staple in the Horizons operating structure and reaction times are typically very swift. Quotes
Andrew Baxter Antigua's Chef of the Year 2010
Executive Chef, Galley Bay Resort